Nomonde was a passenger in a vehicle that was hit by another vehicle head on. She suffered a fractured right femur, fractured left knee and injured his back.
She received a pay out of R 1,572,900.00. She further received a certificate that covers all her future medical and hospital expenses, which is valued at a several hundred thousand rand.She will be receiving a further payment in excess of R 70,000.00 within the next week. Nomonde is over the moon.


Cynthia was a passenger, when a vehicle skipped the red traffic light at an intersection and hit them side on. During the impact her head hit the side panel of the vehicle and she suffered a head injury as well as an injury to her eye.

She is an American citizen who renders her services for no compensation. Although she could not prove any income for several years prior to her accident, we managed to secure judgment for loss of employability to the amount of R1, 117, 035.00. She is similarly satisfied with the service she received